“Best right now!” – that’s what Swedish National Radio said when Ellas Kapell released their debut album ”Longing” in 2019, which also was rewarded ”Best Album of The Year” by the readers of Swedish jazz magazine Orkesterjournalen. Now, more than one million listeners later, they’re releasing their second album ”What’s It All About?” (distributed by Naxos and released by Prophone Records).

The ten songs of the album create a story about the most important moments in life; the beautiful ones, the difficult ones, the seemingly insignificant and the ones we have yet to experience – everything that comes together to constitute a life. In classic Ellas Kapell fashion the songs are carefully arranged to capture the atmosphere of each specific moment. The album also contains guest performances by internationally renowned musicians Karin Hammar on trombone and Magnus Lindgren on tenor saxophone. 


A shared enthusiasm for Ella Fitzgerald initially led the members of Ellas Kapell together, but the band soon exceeded this common denominator and took on its own shape and sound, fashioned by the four musicians. Some of our time’s most beloved jazz compositions are shed new light upon, sometimes revealing humble simplicity, the arrangements being carried only by the fragility of lyrics and harmonies. At other times playful and equilibristic renditions are presented, showcasing the soloists and arrangers alike.

Lovisa Jennervall – vocals
Manne Skafvenstedt – piano
Anders Langørgen – double bass
Edvin Fridolfsson – drums